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Friday, November 7, 2008

Better pictures of the new kitten!!

this little girl is going to be mine in about 3 weeks! her name is Noel!
This is the family of kittens! Tangy is to the far left Noel is in the middle Teddy is the kitten to the far right and Blossom is the mother!
Heres another picture of Noel
Heres Tangy
Noel again!


warrior cat lover said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!! I want Tangy.

mary said...

I'm sorry Kaya you cant have him he already has a home with Heather! Sorry!

warrior cat lover said...

Oh, well. I can't have a cat anyway. You can see in their faces that they are siblings.