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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is this sad? (and some random stuff too)

Is it sad that i still LOVE to snuggle with stuffed animals at the age of 14?? lol anyway im soo bored, and im talking to Keet on skype :D i JUST finished knitting another fish!! im still overly obsessed over the fact that i have a betta :D and i LOVE IT!! hes a good fishy. well i woke up this morning and was QUITE depressed at the fact the it wasnt spring/summer, now dont worry IK its still winter but im DYING to be able to go wander around in my woods and explore my little river thingy :3 i also really wanna ride a bike right now.. idk why!! BTW if you want me to post more pictures of Pate and a few betta facts/ owners facts let me know!!
hava good day :)


Keet!! said...

Nope, it's not sad that you love to snuggle with stuffed animals! I'm not 14, but I love to snuggle with meh stuffies too! XP

Meeeeeep said...

ehhh ur close enough :3 im planning on snuggling with ALL of meh warrior "kittys" tonight :3

Keet!! said...

Meeeeeep, you won FIRST PLACE (again) on my "WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?! #2!". Congradulations! (Spelling.....?) You were not only the first one to guess the correct answer, but you also were the first to comment! To anybody NOT MEEP reading this:
Meep has been first place in both of my "WHAT IS THIS A PICTURE OF?!" games so far!

Rainfire said...

Hi Two-legs! I just wanted to let you know that Cloverclan is back up and running if you want to continue with it!

Keet!! said...

AHHH!!! A CAT IS TALKING TO US!!! I mean... thanks for the heads up!! :P