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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I just babysat 3 amazing kiddos yesterday! They were soooo cute! Their ages were 6, 9, and 12! The 9 year old girl Emma totally ruled the house :) So the crazy part is, i got $40 for it!! okay i thought that was waaay to much, but then again their sorta rich sooo... They were great! Babysitting is a VERY fun and easy way to earn some money! so try it out sometime :)


Brooke said...

Waittttt how old are u? 12? that is how old i am..... ok

Meeeeeep said...

im 14 hahahah i was babysitting a 12 yr old

Keet!! said...

Ready for Comp., Meep? :P It's O.K., to say no. ;)

Keet!! said...

Post another post meeeeeeeeep!

Hope said...

Hi! I'm Hope! (Click my name to meet me.)

I babysit once a month, sometimes twice. I'd love it, but I'm a horrible babysitter. I'm not fun enough:)

But, nice. And you babysat a twelve-year-old? BaHaHa... I'm twelve.

Brooke said...

Ok i didn't know ur 14 sry:)
i haven't got my first job yet (but they said they would let me babysit in the winter) and they told me about babysitting in
october and haven't talked about it anymore, Hm i wonder when, and now it is almost spring.
I knew she was 12 :) thats why i was confused. :p

Brooke said...
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